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At EnerGuard we use only top quality components from start to finish, providing you with a premium window. All of our extrusions are manufactured using 100% pure uPVC in both powder and pellet form. This means that there are no impurities in the raw materials, resulting in a stronger profile. U.V. inhibitors and colouring are also added to further stabilize the extrusion against fading, blistering or warping. The exterior and interior walls are some of the thickest in the industry (.07” to .095”), assuring that you are getting a structurally sound product. Thicker walls not only strengthen the profile, but also help in deadening noise and increasing the R-Value.

Another important factor that affects your windows performance and efficiency is weather stripping; superior weather stripping results in lower air infiltration. We use a material called santoprene in our weather stripping. Santoprene is a high performance elastomer that out performs rubber and neoprene. It has a lower shape retention memory, is more resistant to UV rays and maintains its shape and flexibility in extreme conditions. Our triple weather strip system is installed by hand and inserted into the Kerf in one continuous strip, eliminating the hard corners caused when co-extruded weather stripping is welded and, as a result, provides a better seal over time. The weather stripping can also be easily replaced if it becomes damaged.


Our 1200 series windows are available in White and Clay Beige. Both colours are co-extruded (colour runs through the material, not coated or painted). Our 500 series Sliders and Single Hung windows are available in White only. Clay Beige brickmoulds can be combined with White frames as well. Ask our design team about personalizing your windows with colour.

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Renovation Brickmould
Our 2” renovation brickmould is designed to make retro-fitting windows a simple job. With a removable cap around the perimeter that hides the mounting screws it makes quick, clean work of any installation. The cap is contoured with a series of steps to match our Casement and Awning sash, adding to the windows aesthetics.

1” Sub-Sill
1” Sub-Sill can be combined with our 2” renovation brickmould to further compliment and maintain the heritage look of the original window. Also, the addition of a sub-sill makes it easier to replace older wood windows originally manufactured with a wood sill. The frame height of the new window is increased when the sub-sill is used in place of a 2” brickmould. The increased height makes for a better fit into the original rough opening.

J-channel Brickmould
If you’re re-siding your home or building new, then our J-channel brickmould is the product for you. This is a 1-1/2” brickmould that has a return channel built into it to accommodate new siding. This feature eliminates the need for J-trim and creates a nice clean finish by allowing the new siding to run into the underside of the brickmould.

1-1/2” Brickmould
This option comes standard with a nailing flange and is used primarily for new construction. Adding this brickmould option is a great way to further increase the curb appeal of your windows. This product is very versatile and can easily be adapted for use in renovations by removing the nailing flange, making it ideal for times when a slimmer brickmould is required.

Nailing Fin
A straight nailing fin is always an option too. Generally for new construction, this route allows you to finish off the exterior however you please.


Jamb extensions
Our jamb extension is a full 3/4” wide at the face, making it easier to attach interior casing. It is available for standard 4 1/2” or 6 1/2” walls. However, custom jamb extension is also available to fit wall depths ranging from 4” - 20”.

If you are looking to finish the interior yourself, we can supply an open return channel attached to all 4 sides of the interior frame. Return is available in either 1/2” wide for drywall applications, or in 3/4” wide to accommodate a wood extension.

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