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EnerGuard offers a wide variety of glass options for your new windows; from dual to triple pane, clear or obscure, with or without grilles (see GRILLES). We manufacture a high efficiency window that has been engineered with support in place for triple glazed units. Our glass is manufactured by AGC Flat Glass North America, one of the leading suppliers to the North American construction marketplace. AGC provides us with the most technologically advanced products available today. Non-conductive EdgeTech Super Spacer®, argon filled air chambers and low-e coatings offer the latest in performance and technology in your glass.

Comfort E-PS™ vs. Comfort Ti-AC40
We offer 2 different types of low-e coatings in our windows, Comfort E-PS or Comfort Ti-AC40. Whether your goal is to have a greater solar heat gain or a greater insulation value, our design team can help you choose which of these performance options will suit you best.

Comfort E-PS (Hard Coat)
Capture more free heat and enjoy more energy savings

In cold climates, where heating costs are the primary concern, Comfort E-PS provides outstanding energy performance.

High Solar Heat Gain makes the difference
In cold-weather climates, glass efficiency can be improved by its ability to capture free solar heat. This performance is known as passive solar heat gain, and is indicated by a high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). Comfort E-PS delivers the highest SHGC of any low-e glass.

Eliminate the cold drafty feeling next to your windows
The high SHGC of Comfort E-PS keeps the room-side glass temperature warmer than ordinary glass.

Open up to more natural light
Beyond energy performance, one of the main purposes of windows is, of course, to let sunlight into your home. That’s why Comfort E-PS is designed to be extremely neutral, not tinted. Its advanced formulation allows 91% of visible light into the room when compared to clear glass. So you can enjoy more natural light and use less energy for artificial lighting.

R-Value - at center of glass (winter)
3.4 Dual sealed unit (1 low-e + 1 argon gas)
4.8 Triple sealed unit (1 low-e + 1 argon gas)
6.3 Triple sealed unit (2 low-e + 2 argon gas)

Comfort Ti-AC40 (Soft Coat)
Stay cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not

It’s hot. It’s cold. If solar control is your goal, then Comfort Ti-AC40 is the glass you need when temperatures range from one extreme to the other.

Cool Heat Blocker
So how cool is Comfort Ti-AC40? Cool enough to be the solution for homes in which solar heat reduction for cooling is a must. Comfort Ti-AC40 has a low solar heat gain coefficient that blocks the heat of the sun, helping your air conditioning to work at peak efficiency to keep your home cool inside.
Comfort Ti-AC40 also blocks more than half of the sun’s UV rays, which can damage upholstery and fade your home’s furniture and floors.

Warm Insulator
Are you warming up? With Comfort Ti-AC40, winter blues will be a distant memory. Comfort Ti-AC40 has a low emissivity rating which calculates to higher center of glass R-values in winter. No other residential glass product provides better insulating value, helping your furnace do its work to keep your interior temperature warm and comfortable.

R-Value - at center of glass (winter)
4.1 Dual sealed unit (1 low-e + 1 argon gas)
5.6 Triple sealed unit (1 low-e + 1 argon gas)
8.2 Triple sealed unit (2 low-e + 2 argon gas)

Argon Gas
Argon is the third most common gas in the Earth’s atmosphere, at 0.93% - making it more common than carbon dioxide. Argon is colourless, odourless, and nontoxic as a solid, liquid, and gas. It is used in place of air in sealed glass units. Argon gas increases thermal insulation and improves energy efficiency when used in combination with low-e coatings. It is for this reason that EnerGuard automatically includes argon gas with all of its low-e glass options.

Dual & Triple Pane R-value performance chart

This chart demonstrates how low-e Coatings when combined with argon gas can dramatically improve the thermal performance of sealed glass units.
Note: adding grilles & SDL’s (see grilles under the products tab) will change glass energy performance. Additional information on energy values can be found in the Energy Star® section of our site.

Decorative and Privacy Glass Styles

We know that customers don’t always want plain glass in their windows and that sometimes, something a little more ornate is required. These glass options increase privacy, while allowing the natural light to shine through. A variety of effects can be achieved with our extensive decorative and privacy glass options.

Pattern 62 (Privacy Rating = 9)
Few patterned glass products offer the timeless appeal and versatility of Pattern 62 - a classic solution that reflects AGC’s more than 70 years of manufacturing experience in this product category. In addition to offering an attractive appearance, obscurity, and light transmission capabilities, Pattern 62 provides maximum flexibility - making it perfect for virtually any application.

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Rain™ (Privacy Rating = 8)
A refreshing patterned glass option, Rain from AGC Flat Glass brings natural beauty indoors - offering obscurity, light diffusion, and a rippled pattern reminiscent of a summer shower. This stylish solution brings a touch of the outdoors inside - with its combination of natural harmony and kinetic beauty. In addition to offering a decorative accent to any room, Rain also offers practical benefits such as privacy and light transmission.

Glue Chip™ (Privacy Rating = 7)
AGC designed its new Glue Chip pattern to provide a cost-effective option to more expensive fabricated glass. Glue Chip provides the texture and diffusion perfect for side-lites, transoms, bathroom and basement windows.

Aquatex™ (Privacy Rating = 6)
AGC’s classic Aquatex patterned glass is suited for a range of residential and commercial applications – offering obscurity and strength, without sacrificing light transmission. Aquatex offers both obscurity and light diffusion, allowing architects and designers to achieve their unique aesthetic vision.

Cross Reed (Privacy Rating = 5)
A popular choice because of its decorative appearance – and its ability to combine obscurity with light transmission – this distinctive textured pattern is ideal for a variety of applications. This attractive glass provides privacy while also allowing light transmission, creating a decorative accent in both residential and commercial settings. Cross Reed glass is a classic pattern that never goes out of style – and remains a popular choice among architects, designers, manufacturers, and builders.

Narrow Reed (Privacy Rating = 4)
With its eye-catching fluted design and ability to diffuse light, this patterned glass has wide appeal – bringing to life many residential and commercial design visions. The fluted linear design makes it an attractive option, lovely enough for almost any decorative need. Narrow Reed also offers extreme strength and durability with the added ability to add a distinctive texture and softly diffused light to any room.

We also offer various tints and tempering of panes as options that are available with our glass.

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