For added beauty and distinction, a variety of internal grille styles are available with our windows. These grilles are located securely between the glass panes which, in addition to adding character and beauty, are completely maintenance-free. 5/16” and 5/8” wide rectangular grilles are available in white, brass, brushed nickel, clay beige, pewter and black. 11/16” and 1” wide Colonial styles are available in white.


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5/16” and 5/8” Rectangular Grilles
11/16” and 1” Colonial Grille

SDL’s (simulated divided lights)

This style of grille is attached to the exterior and interior glass panes to more closely mimic heritage style grilles or muntins. We can also include shadow bars to give the effect of a true divided light. The shadow bar is located in between the glass panes to give the impression that there are separate pieces of glass in the window. 7/8” Wide Colonial style SDL’s are available in White and Clay Beige to match our window colours.

Simulated Divided Lights

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Grille & SDL Arrangements

Our design team can assist you in selecting the right grille arrangement to compliment the architectural design of your home.

Double Ladder
Georgian Cross
Queen Anne
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