We are proud to use Truth hardware as the standard in our windows. For over 50 years Truth Hardware has been recognized as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of quality operating hardware. From the largest components such as operators, hinges, and multi-point locks, right down to the smallest, like snubbers and glides, no generic parts are substituted in the fabrication of our windows. The use of reliable, high quality components is your assurance that our windows not only look great, but that they will perform great year after year.

The Encore® operator from Truth Hardware offers style and versatility all in one package. Full-flip folding handle comes standard with all our operating windows. Folding handles offer a contemporary, sleek look when collapsed. They reduce interference with blinds and drapes and are designed to minimize “walk-in” of windows during windy conditions. We use the same operators on our Casement and Awning windows to help maintain consistency throughout your home.

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The operator arms are engineered to hold and operate Casement sash sizes up to 36” wide, and 80” high and weighing up to 108 lbs., without the need for any extra re-enforcement to prevent sagging. The arms are designed to open a Casement window up to 90°, maximizing airflow and making cleaning easier.

The hinge arms are made of heavy gauge steel to maximize sash weight carrying capability and have been rated to meet an average of 225 lbs. per hinge, negative air pressure. Egress hinges are also an option, allowing for a larger opening on smaller windows - meeting National Building Code standards.

Multi-point locks
Multi-Point locking system comes standard with all of our Casement windows. Matching Casement & Awning latches assures a consistent appearance throughout your home. You will also love the fact that in either the locked or unlocked position, these latches will not interfere with curtains or blinds.

All our screens have a built in flange that assists in sealing your window against debris and bugs. The flange also strengthens the screen, which prevents warping. RDG buttons are used to hold the screen securely in place - RDG buttons have virtually no service issues and are easy to operate.

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